Backyard Barbecue Expert Jeff Osborne

Have you ever wondered what’s smoking in the neighborhood that smells so good? Meet the Expert of the Backyard Barbecue, Jeff Osborne. He shares his can’t-miss recipe for preparing North Carolina smoked pork shoulder. Don’t miss his spice mix ratio for barbecue rub and directions for making his favorite Eastern Carolina sauce. Listen for BBQ 101 tips, suggestions for finding the best Carolina barbecue, and the story of a boys’ trip failure for the pitmaster.

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Meat smoking and backyard barbecue in the Carolinas is a four-season sport.

It doesn’t require anything fancy – nothing more than a bone-in pork shoulder, the Boston butt, one of the more inexpensive cuts of meat (often on sale for 99 cents a pound). Cook it in a simple smoker, low and slow all night long, and serve it up for any favorite function: college football tailgate, birthday party, graduation party.

Regardless of the reason, listen to the podcast to find out the complete process for backyard barbecue.

Preparing the perfect pulled pork starts with the rub for the backyard barbecue expert. Season the meat generously, let the salt bring forth juices, and begin osmosis, sending flavor back into the pork shoulder.

Then be sure to use the recipe Jeff shares in the podcast and on the blog.

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