Charity BBQ Crew Gene Scronce and Jody Dixon

If you’ve ever sat down with a plate of pulled pork and a group of people, you know that a barbecue get-together can be the launching point for other good things. In fact, in the Carolinas barbecue is widely recognized as a foundation for fund-raisers. On this episode of The Low & Slow Barbecue Show, we talk to charity BBQ experts Jody Dixon and Gene Scronce who have spent decades creating BBQ fundraisers that support worthwhile causes. Listen for their special recipes, their secrets to charity BBQ success, and exclusive advice for making the best low and slow barbecue – FOR THE MASSES!

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BBQ Essentials For Charity Fundraisers

They aren’t exactly sweet and sour, but Gene and Jody know the value in contrasting flavors for creating effective fundraisers that benefit worthwhile endeavors.

Take a deep dive into how they produce a charity BBQ, including the lowdown on:

  • The Why Behind a Charity BBQ
  • BBQ 101: The Boston Butt Fundraiser
  • The Perfect BBQ Fundraiser Menu
  • Secrets of Success for a BBQ Fundraiser

Boston Butt Fundraiser

The reason to season a Boston butt, cook it, and sell it for a charitable cause is not far from the reason anyone would want to spend time smoking meat low and slow. The reason is similar for a backyard barbecue expert.

Listen today and learn how to produce a BBQ fundraiser with 600+ pounds of Boston butt, get recipes for seasoning rub and sauce and find out the best barbecue restaurants our guests love to visit – the best barbecue in North Carolina! (And maybe a few other “barbecue” places, too!). Like every episode, our Charity BBQ Crew promises to share a few experiments for the next time you fire up the barbecue smoker.

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