Fourth of July Ribs – in England!

For the Fourth of July Holiday week, host Chigger Willard welcomes a low-and-slow barbecue expert living in Britain, Jim Ernst. He shares his tried-and-true recipe – complete with British ingredient accommodations (Iberian pork!) – for his Fourth of July ribs.

After all, Independence Day and low and slow barbecue are intertwined, a pair of uniquely American traditions. Other countries don’t mark the day the United States announced its independence. Why would they?

But what if you are a proud American living outside the U.S. trying to recreate your traditional summer holiday? Better yet, what if you are an American in the foreign land of our former oppressors? You can’t celebrate American Independence with fish and chips or tatties and neeps. Do the British barbecue … at all? Do they even know how?

Listen to the Fourth of July Ribs episode of Low and Slow Barbecue Show that spans the Atlantic Ocean. Find out what the barbecue scene in Britain looks like from the mouth of an American ex-pat. Jim also shares how he keeps the Southern tradition of low and slow barbecue alive, even when he’s nearly 4,000 miles from the Carolinas.

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