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Who’s behind all the how-to videos explaining barbecue techniques and tools you want to try before you buy? Join a YouTube pioneer in meat smoking, product testing, and “how-to” videos. Our guest John Setzler shares his favorite recipe for Dino Ribs, Sizzle Macaroni, and his signature Man Cave Rub. Plus, Mr. Man Cave Meals puts the current capital of barbecue outside its original home in the Carolinas. But where?

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The world of “how-to” barbecue videos initially attracted John when he started searching the internet for tips on using his grilling equipment. That was a decade ago when the landscape of barbecue “how-to” instruction was fairly sparse.

Since then, John has steadily created a library of product and cooking demonstrations. His early work caught quick attention. Many other people were on internet searches for “how-to” information. Business content relationships with Kamado Joe and Atlanta Grill Company evolved. John has become a master of a low and slow hobby that started for him with a Weber Smokey Mountain and has included culinary classes and a one-day workshop with celebrity pitmaster Harry Soo.

Find out the best practices for low and slow meat smoking from the master of the Man Cave Meals himself in this podcast.

Don’t miss his memorable moments from his barbecue adventures, including good and bad smoked Thanksgivings and other things that didn’t exactly suit his taste.

For more advice from John and his Man Cave Meals, join him for Friday Night LIVE from the Man Cave.

What is the Low and Slow Barbecue Show?

The Low and Slow Barbecue Show serves up barbecue recipes, advice for smoking barbecue, and cooking barbecue stories of success – and failure! Home smokers and BBQ Pitmasters share advice – all steeped in Carolina barbecue flavor.

Listen and learn how to smoke meat, the best meat to smoke, how to make Carolina barbecue sauce, and the best barbecue restaurants we love to visit – the best barbecue in North Carolina! (And maybe a few other “barbecue” places, too!) Every episode promises to share a few experiments for the next time you fire up the barbecue smoker.

Barbecue meat smoking enthusiast, news journalist, and sports radio broadcaster Chigger Willard walks through the barbecue basics with guests who bring a wide variety of experiences to the barbecue world. Competitors. Restauranteurs. Fund-Raisers. Tailgaters. Moms and Dads. ALL the people who make the best barbecue share all their barbecue best.

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