Pitmasters: Holy City Hogs Tank Jackson

If you’re making barbecue in the Carolinas, chances are good you’re cooking a pig low and slow. And if you want the best pigs for traditional whole hog barbecue, you want Holy City Hogs.

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show partnered with Carolina BBQ Festival for the Pitmasters Series because I want you to hear the stories from the pitmasters – and other people who bring flavor to the Carolinas barbecue community. Tank Jackson brings a lot of flavor.

He’s the head farmer and pitmaster for Holy City Hogs based in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a family-run operation where the animals are raised outdoors, roaming large pastures and wooded lots with hundred year oaks. The Holy City Hogs herd is made up of many different heritage breeds, and they’re available at some of the best restaurants in Charleston and along the East Coast.

Tank travels the country sharing his passion for his hogs and barbecue. Listen to our conversation at Carolina BBQ Festival at Camp North End. You’ll hear Tank’s passion immediately – and that’s putting it mildly.

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