Master Blend Nation and All Gas No Brakes 365 with Ronald Simmons

Master Blend Family Farms CEO and Pitmaster Ronald Simmons with Chigger Willard, host of the Low & Slow Barbecue Show.

Master Blend Family Farms CEO Ronald Simmons talks about his third-generation family farming business, his barbecue experience, and the ALL GAS, NO BRAKES 365 Master Blend Nation. Listen to this episode to learn about the roots beneath Ronald’s farm with show pig breeding stock and all-natural BBQ pigs and market pigs. He also shares how […]

Bohemian Cattle Company and Pitmaster Colby Brownlee

Bohemian Cattle Co brand manager Bradley Bonning and pitmaster Colby Brownlee joins The Low & Slow Barbecue Show.

The Bohemian Cattle Co is the newest agritourism getaway in the Charlotte region. Combining a pasture-to-plate cattle ranch and restaurant, a widely experienced pitmaster, and the limitless possibilities of open acreage, Bohemian Cattle Company promises plenty of adventure in tastes and activities. Listen to this episode of The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to hear about […]

Doxie Guy BBQ Shares Sauce Secrets

Doxie Guy BBQ sauces and their inspiration, Reeci the dachshund.

Doxie Guy BBQ sauce maker, whole hog pitmaster, and Dachshund dog enthusiast Scott Schiffel joins the Low & Slow Barbecue to talk sauce and barbecue roots. Described as a “COVID project,” Scott launched Doxie Guy after a lifetime spent around barbecue pits and kitchens in Eastern North Carolina and beyond. In this episode find out […]

Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula

Apple City BBQ brisket and baked beans. Apple City is open Thursday - Saturday 11-8.

Hear Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula share the story of his family-owned and operated barbecue business in Taylorsville, N.C. While much of North Carolina continues the Eastern vs Western debate, the Dula family and Apple City BBQ dedicate their attention to producing good barbecue, regardless of your geographical preference. And Apple City BBQ just […]

Southern Smoke BBQ Pitmaster Matthew Register

North Carolina Barbecue Pitmaster Matthew Register of Southern Smoke BBQ of NC joins The Low & Slow Barbecue Show Pitmasters Series.

Southern Smoke BBQ Pitmaster Matthew Register returns to The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to share the story of his barbecue sauces and restaurant in Garland, N.C. Cured in Eastern N.C. barbecue tradition, Matthew creates a Southern Smoke menu that holds true to BBQ roots, but it is just as likely to include a curveball recipe […]

Midwood Smokehouse Pitmaster Matt Barry

A pig with wings on a wood sign at Charlotte barbecue restaurant Midwood Smokehouse.

Visit Charlotte, N.C., today, and you’ll find a food landscape with everything you can imagine – from soul food, hot dog joints, and fried chicken to menus that run more fancy. Today, you’ll also find a diverse selection of barbecue. At one time, however, Charlotte was a barbecue food desert – at least compared to […]

North Carolina Barbecue Pitmasters: Simmons, Henning & Letchworth

North Carolina Barbecue pitmasters share their stories with the Low & Slow Barbecue Show.

Visit a North Carolina barbecue festival, and you’ll quickly learn that in 2023, barbecue comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.  Sure, there’s always a debate over Eastern Whole Hog and vinegar versus Western Pork Shoulder, red slaw, and barbecue dip with ketchup. Many people in North Carolina make barbecue in one of those ways. They […]

Celebrating Independence and Food with Hanna Raskin

Food Journalist and publisher of The Food Section Hanna Raskin joins the Low & Slow Barbecue Show for this Independence Day episode.

When it comes to finding the best Carolina barbecue, it is a must that you trust the source of truth. To do that, you need to find someone with a diverse palate, an open mind, and an independent perspective. So, to mark Independence Day on the Low & Slow Barbecue Show, we talk to 2023 […]

Pitmasters: Ken & Jess Hess from County Smoak

County Smoak pitmasters Ken * Jess Hess are featured in the Low & Sow Barbecue Show Pitmasters Series.

The Carolinas hold no monopoly on barbecue. Really good food is cooked low and slow all around the barbecue world. Lynchburg, Virginia is one of those places. That’s home for Ken and Jess Hess and their barbecue business County Smoak.  Ken and Jess and County Smoak are why the Low and Slow Barbecue Show partnered […]

Pitmasters: Holy City Hogs Tank Jackson

BBQ Pitmaster and Holy City Hogs founder Tank Jackson in his element: whole hog barbecue.

If you’re making barbecue in the Carolinas, chances are good you’re cooking a pig low and slow. And if you want the best pigs for traditional whole hog barbecue, you want Holy City Hogs. The Low & Slow Barbecue Show partnered with Carolina BBQ Festival for the Pitmasters Series because I want you to hear […]