Doxie Guy BBQ Shares Sauce Secrets

Doxie Guy BBQ sauce maker, whole hog pitmaster, and Dachshund dog enthusiast Scott Schiffel joins the Low & Slow Barbecue to talk sauce and barbecue roots. Described as a “COVID project,” Scott launched Doxie Guy after a lifetime spent around barbecue pits and kitchens in Eastern North Carolina and beyond.

In this episode find out about the Doxie Guy sauces and their inspiration – as well as their namesakes, Reeci and Izzi. Scott also talks about the barbecue business, his BBQ rub partnerships, and the championship credentials Doxie Guy BBQ sauce earned with a pit master competing in Texas. Don’t miss Doxie Guy’s details about his grandmother’s corn pudding – perfect for any occasion, or his memories of smoking hogs with his grandfather.

Listen to the podcast and find out how Scott is mindfully turning a BBQ hobby into something profitable – without letting it become work.

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