Fork Grove Barbecue Pitmaster Dylan Cooke

Fork Grove Barbecue Pitmaster Dylan Cooke shares all the Low & Slow details about his barbecue business in Anderson, SC.

In the Carolinas, barbecue is cooked low and slow. Depending on where you are, it could be whole hog with Eastern-style vinegar. May you prefer pork shoulder with a Western Lexington-style sauce. In the South, you can find smoked pork with mustard sauce and barbecue hash. That said, the Texas-sized flavors of brisket and sausages grow rapidly in popularity.

We talk with a South Carolina native who turned his barbecue focus toward Texas. In this episode of the Carolina Pitmasters series, Fork Grove Barbecue pitmaster Dylan Cooke shares his barbecue story, from his early start as a teenager in the pits then a music career before a decision to launch his own business. He’s been featured in national barbecue Bible Texas monthly. There Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn named Fork Grove one of the best Texas-style barbecue restaurants in South Carolina.

We partnered with the Carolina Barbecue Festival in Charlotte so you can find out how Dylan and Fork Grove brought Texas barbecue to South Carolina and the Texas-sized BBQ spotlight that comes with it. Listen as Dylan shares details about his sprawling smokehouse filled with custom smokers. He reveals the secret behind Fork Grove’s wood-smoked meats and soulful fixins. Of course, we get all the lowdown from Dylan in the Low & Slow showdown. Listen to find out which state he thinks is the best for barbecue!

Want to go to the Carolina Barbecue Festival? Visit the website here, and use the promo code lowslowbbq for a discount.

You can also Find Fork Grove Barbecue on Facebook, Instagram, or just Google Fork Grove Barbecue for a glimpse of his accolades in Texas Monthly. Now, enjoy this conversation with Dylan live from his smokehouse in South Carolina’s Electric City of Anderson

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