Midwood Smokehouse Pitmaster Matt Barry

Visit Charlotte, N.C., today, and you’ll find a food landscape with everything you can imagine – from soul food, hot dog joints, and fried chicken to menus that run more fancy. Today, you’ll also find a diverse selection of barbecue. At one time, however, Charlotte was a barbecue food desert – at least compared to other Carolina cities – until Midwood Smokehouse arrived in 2011.

With Pitmaster Matt Barry running the barbecue show for FS Food Group, one restaurant in an eclectic neighborhood east of Uptown Charlotte has grown to six locations in the Carolinas.

Matt joins the Low & Slow Barbecue Show to share the Midwood Smokehouse experience. Listen and hear about his cola barbecue sauce recipe for burnt ends and his barbecue roots. Find out what fuels the Midwood Smokehouse pitmaster and his restaurants (an impressive all-wood Oyler smoker from J&R Manufacturing.) Don’t miss Matt’s opinion on the best state for barbecue and his favorite Carolinas barbecue restaurant. 

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