Pitmasters: Ken & Jess Hess from County Smoak

The Carolinas hold no monopoly on barbecue. Really good food is cooked low and slow all around the barbecue world. Lynchburg, Virginia is one of those places. That’s home for Ken and Jess Hess and their barbecue business County Smoak

Ken and Jess and County Smoak are why the Low and Slow Barbecue Show partnered with the Carolina BBQ Festival. We created this Pitmaster Series of podcasts to share stories from the best pitmasters around the Carolinas and Virginia!

The Hess family is driven by a husband-wife duo of classically trained chefs. They rekindled Virginia barbecue traditions while crafting their own important barbecue story. 

Hear about County Smoak, the Hess Family’s barbecue tradition, and a fantastic cured, smoked pastrami. Listen to the podcast now.

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