Pitmasters: Lewis Donald, Garren Kirkman & Matthew Register

If you want the best Carolina BBQ you need a low slow cooking heat source, the best quality meat  … and seasoned Carolina pitmasters.

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show partnered with the Carolina BBQ Festival for this Pitmasters Series of Podcasts. We want you to hear the stories of the Carolina pitmasters. From managing the fire and seasoning the meat to seeing it through to a perfect finish. The one who serves a show-stopper for your mouth, is the person at the pit, the ringmaster of the Carolina Barbecue main event.

In this episode, we talk with Carolina BBQ Festival Founder Lewis Donald, the pitmaster of Sweet Lew’s BBQ in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte. We also talk to Garren Kirkman the pitmaster at Jon G’s Barbecue in Peachland, NC.

Finally, stay tuned to the end for our conversation with Matthew Register from Southern Smoke BBQ in Garland. You’ll want to hear how he went from backyard barbecue to successful restaurant runner, Carolina pitmaster, and cookbook author featured in Southern Living and Our State