Southern Smoke BBQ Pitmaster Matthew Register

Southern Smoke BBQ Pitmaster Matthew Register returns to The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to share the story of his barbecue sauces and restaurant in Garland, N.C. Cured in Eastern N.C. barbecue tradition, Matthew creates a Southern Smoke menu that holds true to BBQ roots, but it is just as likely to include a curveball recipe steeped in Southern traditions.

That’s the spirit that led to his cookbook, Southern Smoke: Barbecue Traditions and Treasured Recipes Reimagined for Today. He shares more of that story and an award-winning recipe that could be the perfect mid-week meal for your busy family. 

Visit the blog for the Southern Smoke BBQ recipe for Collard Green Chowder, a recipe named among the nation’s best by Saveur.

Matthew first introduced his business to The Low & Slow Barbecue Show during the Carolina BBQ Festival at Camp North End. There, he wowed festivalgoers with served smoked shrimp ceviche.

“It’s a weird, long winding story of how I ended up in the barbecue business,” Matthew says during our conversation. “Really started as a backyard guy. Really started by teaching myself and basically, I wanted to know more so I could teach my kids.

“That’s part of our heritage being from eastern North Carolina,” he continues. “And really it just snowballed into a hobby in the backyard into what became Southern Smoke.”

Be sure to listen to this episode as we put the full spotlight on Matthew Register and Southern Smoke BBQ of NC.