Tailgating BBQ Time for The Low & Slow Barbecue Show!

Finally, the cool temperatures greet us on the Carolina mornings of fall. The days are getting shorter as the calendar ticks toward the tenth month. The fall weekend schedule is filling up. And if you’re a fan and follower of North America’s favorite football pastime, it is time to dust off your favorite tailgate chili recipe.

That’s because if you are a fan of football, chances are pretty good, you’re also a fan of food cooked for hours in advance of kickoff. After all, football is best enjoyed as one part of a weekend tailgate party. You can’t have a tailgate party without food. And if we aren’t making chili, tailgating BBQ is another favorite on the menu. 

So we’re tailgating on this Low & Slow Barbecue Show episode. Listen as we meet two long-time tailgaters, Marcus Miller and Randy Abernathy. If the Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte, you’ll find Marcus and Randy tailgating around their favorite food menu with friends and family.

BBQ Tailgating Masters Share their Gameday Fare

Marcus shares his tailgate chili recipe. Randy offers insight into his smoked pork foundation for a Brunswick Stew crowd pleaser. Both provide tips and takeaways that are good for your next tailgate – or your next low and slow cook. Don’t miss the tailgaters’ low and slow BBQ side hustle that supports raised awareness of agriculture and sustainability.

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