Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula

Hear Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula share the story of his family-owned and operated barbecue business in Taylorsville, NC.

Much of North Carolina continues the Eastern vs. Western debate. However, the Dula family and Apple City BBQ dedicate their attention to producing good barbecue, regardless of your geography.

Indeed, Apple City barbecue focuses on producing good quality meat, smoked low and slow. They let others debate whether you add tomato to your sauce or choose shoulder over whole hog.

Meanwhile, Apple City BBQ just happens to include its own unique take on sauce. It’s neither Lexington-style nor Eastern Carolina vinegar. But it does deserve just as much attention – especially on the brisket. 

So for this episode of The Low & Slow Barbecue Show we talk with Adam Dula about his barbecue business. Located on Highway 16 in Taylorsville, Apple City BBQ serves patrons Thursday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. Learn more about the business and see the menu at

Listen to this episode to hear about Adam’s jalapeno lime BBQ sauce. You’ll also get the details about a local favorite at the restaurant in the Brushy Mountain foothills – brisket pimento cheese egg rolls.

Then, get Adam’s recipe for this crowd-pleaser in this Low & Slow blog. His sauce recipe is there, too.

Find out why Adam left a career in nuclear radiology to open a family restaurant and catering business. Adam shares his family’s smoker journey. From the Day 1 rig, up to the Oyler smoker you’ll find at Jon G’s BBQ and Black Powder Smokehouse, they all play a role. 

We get the complete lowdown on the Dula family’s barbecue enterprise during our conversation. Adam also shares his tips for backyard barbecue enthusiasts, and his insight on using real wood in the smoker. Of course, we also get his favorites in the Low and Slow Barbecue Showdown.

Listen today and discover why Apple City earned a devoted audience with quality meat smoked low and slow.