Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula

Hear Apple City BBQ Pitmaster Adam Dula share the story of his family-owned and operated barbecue business in Taylorsville, N.C. While much of North Carolina continues the Eastern vs Western debate, the Dula family and Apple City BBQ dedicate their attention to producing good barbecue, regardless of your geographical preference.

And Apple City BBQ just happens to include its own unique take on sauce. It’s neither Lexington-style nor Eastern Carolina vinegar. Listen to this episode to hear about Adam’s jalapeno lime BBQ sauce recipe. You’ll also hear about a local favorite for the restaurant in the foothills of North Carolina’s Brushy Mountains – brisket pimento cheese egg rolls.

Find out why Adam left a career in nuclear radiology to open a family restaurant and catering business. Adam shares his family’s smoker journey, from the Day 1 rig, up to the Oyler smoker that’s a serial number sister with the smoker at Jon G’s BBQ. 

Listen to this episode and you’ll learn how Apple City has earned a devoted audience with quality meat smoked low and slow over apple and hickory wood.