BBQ Food Truck Big Byrd’s Smokehouse Shares Brisket Secrets

Every day a wave of food trucks rolls out across the blacktops of the Carolinas. They bring a variety of flavors to festivals, breweries, construction sites, and busy street corners. Convenient to find, affordable for food, and easy to eat right on the street, these food trucks serve everything from tacos and crab rolls to pizza and frozen treats. Of course, our favorite is the BBQ food truck.

Ultimately, the BBQ food truck is a smokehouse on wheels. Pitmasters pack their wagons with pork and chicken, then serve up sandwiches, ribs, sliced brisket … just about anything else you’d find at your favorite brick-and-mortar barbecue restaurant. Only this is a food truck. There are no bricks. There is no mortar, so that means there is no pit. And yet there’s still smoke, sauce, and meat cooked low and slow. So how exactly does the food truck pitmaster produce such a perfect combination of barbecue flavors inside a big metal box?

In this episode of the Low & Slow Barbecue Show, the one and only Big Byrd of Big Byrd’s Smoke House Barbecue shares his story of barbecue life. Big Byrd’s Smokehouse is a family-run food truck serving barbecue brisket and pulled pork for catering and events in the Hickory Metro and all around western North Carolina from Winston-Salem, down to Gastonia, and up to Blowing Rock.

Find out more about Big Byrd’s Smokehouse and what it takes to operate a BBQ food truck. Listen to this episode and get the lowdown on low and slow food truck barbecue from Richard Byrd.

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