Meet the Ultimate BBQ Tourist and his ‘BOINK’ Balls Recipe

In a barbecue world full of options, it helps to have a tour guide to lead you toward the best. BBQ Tourist Ryan Cooper is that guide. In this blog, we highlight the BBQ Tourist, and The Smoke Sheet newsletter. And for the first time, Ryan shares the ingredients, directions, and photos of his special recipe for BOINK Balls.

Blue Suede BBQ: Serving Flavor and Community

Blue Suede BBQ logo with Tennessee's 3 stars on a blue field.

Meet Chris Loschiavo, founder and operator of Blue Suede BBQ, a Lt. Col. and Division Engineer for the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Fort Liberty in Fayetteville, NC. Keep reading to learn about his Blue Suede BBQ rubs and sauces and how his venture follows a life-long path of service. Don’t miss the recipe for Blue Suede BBQ’s “Blind Tiger” Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce.

Hungry Heroes Founder Amanda Riggan

Hungry Heroes logo with barbecue tools embedded in a U.S. flag.

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show meets an organization created to provide barbecue and comfort at times when our community’s heroes need it most. On the heels of a law enforcement tragedy in Charlotte, NC, we talk with Hungry Heroes founder Amanda Riggan. Discover why she started a mission to serve barbecue to first responders, military members, and veterans during times when their morale most needs a boost of support and gratitude.

Backyard BBQ Recipes for Summer Success

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show from the 2024 Carolina BBQ Festival for the best barbecue ideas.

The summer smoking season is fast approaching – are you ready for a weekend backyard BBQ party? You’re gonna need the right meat, the right sides, and the right recipe for the world’s best barbecue sauce. Do NOT forget dessert! Listen to this episode for recipes you need to cook up backyard BBQ success.

Bohemian Cattle Company Raises Pasture-to-Plate Adventure Space

Bohemian Cattle Company is closed.

Bohemian Cattle Company offers the Charlotte region a new agritourism getaway for barbecue, beer, and outdoor fun. Get details about Bohemian Cattle Company. andthe pitmaster’s special recipes for “Sasquatch” Ancho-Chile Coffee Rub and Sweet Apple Zest Vinegar Sauce.

Doxie Guy BBQ Sauce & Eastern Carolina Corn Pudding

Doxie Guy BBQ sauces and their inspiration, Reeci the dachshund.

What do you get when you mix Eastern Carolina barbecue heritage, COVID lockdown, and a house full of Weiner dogs? We find out on The Low and Slow Barbecue Show as Doxie Guy BBQ introduces us to his barbecue sauce business. The Doxie Guy himself talks about the source of his sauce inspiration, his barbecue heritage, and his advice for business and barbecue.

Apple City BBQ Jalapeño Lime Sauce Takes Backseat to the Meat

While debates between Eastern and Western BBQ continue, in North Carolina there are plenty of barbecue joints that aren’t chiming in. Instead, for places like Apple City BBQ, the focus is on producing “properly cooked, quality meat” – and not on whether you add tomato to your sauce or choose shoulder over whole hog.

Southern Smoke BBQ and Collard Green Chowder

Collard Green Chowder with greens, ham and potatoes, as prepared and shared by Southern Smoke BBQ of NC Pitmaster and Cookbook author Matthew Register.

Southern Smoke BBQ Pitmaster Matthew Register joined The Low & Slow Barbecue Show to reveal his barbecue roots, his sauces, and his restaurant in Garland, N.C. Read this blog to get the recipe for his culinary creation, Collard Green Chowder.