Backyard Barbecue Expert Jeff Osborne

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show

Have you ever wondered what’s smoking in the neighborhood that smells so good? Meet the Expert of the Backyard Barbecue, Jeff Osborne. He shares his can’t-miss recipe for preparing North Carolina smoked pork shoulder. Don’t miss his spice mix ratio for barbecue rub and directions for making his favorite Eastern Carolina sauce. Listen for BBQ […]

Man Cave Meals

The Low & Slow Barbecue Show

Who’s behind all the how-to videos explaining barbecue techniques and tools you want to try before you buy? Join a YouTube pioneer in meat smoking, product testing, and “how-to” videos. Our guest John Setzler shares his favorite recipe for Dino Ribs, Sizzle Macaroni, and his signature Man Cave Rub. Plus, Mr. Man Cave Meals puts the current capital of […]

How-To Barbecue Video Pioneer Talks Dino Ribs

Whenever you want to smoke a new cut of meat, but you’re not exactly sure how to do it, where do you turn? If you’re like me, you dial up a barbecue video on YouTube. Maybe you finally picked up those “dino ribs” from the butcher. How do you treat the meat? What’s the cooking […]

How to Make Carolina’s Lexington BBQ Sauce

Lexington BBQ Sauce recipe

Pork barbecue affinity among North Carolinians is sharply divided. On each side of the state the preparation of the pig is different. So, too is the vinegar barbecue sauce. From Raleigh down east toward Ayden, Kinston, Wilmington, and Greenville, smoked pork enthusiasts are fiercely loyal to a simple, thin, and tangy solution made of vinegar […]

Barbecue Chicken Beginnings of the Low & Slow Barbecue Show

King of Barbecue mops meat

A wood-handled mop rests in a glass jar half-filled with a brownish liquid. In one fluid motion, the grill lid opens, and a big hand finds the mop. Another finds the jar. With a few sloppy slaps, flavor streams across barbecue chicken halves , sending a savory scent sizzling up from smoldering coals. Then, back […]