Tank Jackson Serves Up Catertainment and Fine Swine

Low & Slow Barbecue Show welcomes Tank Jackson from Holy City Hogs.

Tank Jackson calls it “Catertainment.” “I’m catering to you and I’m also going to entertain the shit out of you. I’m the king of Catertainment.” And he’s been practicing it, at least the ‘tainment part of that since he was “crawling his way out of his mama.” “I say crawling out ‘cause I was fighting […]

Pitmasters: Holy City Hogs Tank Jackson

BBQ Pitmaster and Holy City Hogs founder Tank Jackson in his element: whole hog barbecue.

If you’re making barbecue in the Carolinas, chances are good you’re cooking a pig low and slow. And if you want the best pigs for traditional whole hog barbecue, you want Holy City Hogs. The Low & Slow Barbecue Show partnered with Carolina BBQ Festival for the Pitmasters Series because I want you to hear […]

Carolina BBQ Festival 2023: BBQ Pitmasters in their Element

BBQ Pitmaster and Holy City Hogs founder Tank Jackson in his element: whole hog barbecue.

Carolina BBQ Festival’s second annual installment delivered everything it promised. Carolina BBQ Pitmasters and barbecue fans together celebrating whole hog barbecue, the Carolinas’ rich barbecue traditions, various low and slow cooking styles, and a diverse community.

JDs Smokehouse and 3 Beers Down

JDs Smokehouse in Rutherford College, N.C.

JDs Smokehouse is on the menu and 3 Beers Down is in TheMesh.tv studios for a review of beer and BBQ pairings. Host Chigger Willard welcomes Josh Elder, Matt Everley, and Luke Sears who share their advice for the best beer and BBQ combinations with smoked chicken, pulled pork, and beef brisket. While Chigger’s “surprise beer” wins the […]

Is Brunswick Stew on the Menu?

Brunswick stew in jars.

Besides meat and sauce options, a good Carolina barbecue restaurant has a few common elements. Pigs of all shapes, sizes and personalities fill the décor. Paper towels are on the table. And Brunswick stew is on the menu.

Carolina BBQ Festival Founder Lewis Donald

On this episode of the Low & Slow Barbecue Show, we welcome the barbecue pitmaster at Sweet Lew’s Barbecue in Charlotte and the founder of the Carolina BBQ Festival. Find out about Charlotte’s newest BBQ Fest from Lewis “Sweet Lew” Donald and celebrate the heritage of whole hog barbecue. One of the best things about […]

Carolina BBQ Festival for a Cause

Carolina BBQ Fest’s founder Lewis Donald shares the story behind the festival, the 2023 participating pitmasters, and charities supported by the event May 7 in Camp North End.

Low & Slow Goes Indoor with Ryan Nanni

Backyard barbecue expert Jeff Osborne's favorite meat smoke is a Boston butt.

Some people are limited to preparing their favorite barbecue … inside. If you live in an apartment, or heaven forbid you don’t have an outdoor smoker, this episode of the Low & Slow Barbecue Show is for you. Let there be no doubt that the low & slow barbecue traditions of the Carolinas are best […]